Why Is Micromanagement So Infectious?

Its truly said that the success/failure of any project depends upon the team with a good leader. However if a team got a boss then whole work environment turns into a virtual war zone, the comfort level of team suffers and ultimately the whole project suffers in quality, delivery and timeline. Here is one article I came across about micromanagement and its worth of reading

When a manager delegates a goal to an employee effectively, she bestows ownership of what we call a “brief,” a set of outcomes subject to deadlines and other constraints. The owner’s job becomes figuring out how to deliver on that brief while operating within the specified constraints, which can range from “stay within this budget” to “follow these policies” to “get my approval on this type of decision.”

The manager, who assumes the role of a sponsor, can change the brief, change the owner, or change the context in which the owner does his work. But if she dictates the tasks to be done or directs how to do the work, she ceases to be a sponsor and becomes a micromanager.

Details : https://hbr.org/2016/08/why-is-micromanagement-so-infectious

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