Product update ezTask Personal , a task management application

Recently our intelligent task management solution ezTask Personal is getting more traction with number of installs increasing. We have committed to provide a free task management solution to provide all features to efficiently manage time for individuals.

We have just released a new update to help User to manage all contacts, select contacts to create a group task.

There will be an additional menu option “Contacts” to view all contacts. The contact list will show any contacts already using ezTask app. User can also invite contacts for using ezTask app.

User can create any group task by just selecting contacts. After contact selection, our system will prompt User of type of group events. We have collected popular type of events and show it to User for quick task creation.

We will keep on adding new features, bug fixes, UX improvements. Your feedback will help us to improve this product.

Here is the playstore link


Rome was not built in a single day but everyday

Raise The Bar

I attended a seminar organized by successgyan at hotel Vivanta by Taj, MG Road, Bangalore. It was well attended by leaders across domains and age groups. Though I generally don’t pen any blog about any seminars or conclaves but this seminar has its own proposition and it gives an insight of how to look everything from a different perspective. One of the important phrase we generally say for any task is “Rome was not built in a single day” that indicates any beautiful creation cannot be completed overnight and it takes time. And this phrase was beautifully modified with “Rome was not built in a single day but everyday”, that adds positivity and inspiration with proposition of slow and steady behind every successful creation. The success of any individual is driven by the continuous improvement in every front be it finding new opportunities, learning new skills and steadiness in execution.  The moment we stopped increasing our area of influence then we stopped our growth, its a continuous process of learning that brings more opportunity in different ways. However, we are now so much stressed in our work, we simply forget to brush up our skills, improving our abilities and learning new technologies. This impacts not only our development but also the environment in which we work. This is also same with enterprises too. I always compare between FlipKart and Amazon. Both these companies started with retail market and however Amazon increased its portfolio into Cloud Computing, Tablet, etc but FlipKart failed to diversify its business. Continuously FlipKarts market valuation is going down and down. Same thing happened with Nokia too. These are few lessons for everybody to keep on expanding their area of influence in different ways and then only you can succeed.