Some of the mistakes by entrepreneurs

An entrepreneur is also a human being and prone to error. Here are couple of mistakes I have compiled from internet and are very well applicable to everybody.

Top 10 mistakes Start Up Founder do at the Funding Stage of his/her business; 1. Quickly jumps into every opportunity by not understanding that many are traps.

2. Believing all the discussion will lead to success.

3. Gets disappointed quickly at the time of early rejection.

4. Instantly abusing / blaming the investor if the discussion fails.

5. Communication gap, understanding the requirement needs to be improved.

6. Approaching irrelevant opportunity and push them to listen to their solutions.

7. Glorifying own solutions – Particularly when it is a IT based solution. Underestimating other domain or non tech space.

8. Always looking to connect instantly with the opportunity without understanding that the person on the other side also engaged with other commitments.

9. The mindset of others not understanding the importance of their solutions. Mis-interpretation, Mis-quoting of others words.

10. Needs to know the difference between the investor and middle men.