Ideas :: Ranjan Talk-O-Meter

I have come across different ideas and I will be adding such thoughts in this page. Most of the time, ideas case out of necessity and mostly situational. Most cases, bathroom is the best place where ideas germinate. However, like bubble, it evaporates in the very next moment. Some of my thoughts that come to my mind are related to the problem I face day to day. The search to solve daily problem is the root of any solution. One of such thought that dominates most of the time in my mind is the evolution of social media and how it impacted the human relationship. Human is a social animal and society is the place where we tend to live. However with advancement of technology, we are slowly slowly moving towards self centered world, revolving around internet, mobile phone, social media etc. In turn the relationship, the physical talk, the society upon which our base is built on is now moving towards our talk over phone, whatsapp, facebook etc. We are not event getting time to spend with parents, kids, family, instead we communicate in whatsapp, share our status in social media, communicate in facebook etc. I came across posts where a daughter is sharing her respect and letter to father in a facebook about how her father helped her to come over a difficult situation and bring her out of hell. And people comments on that, likes the post. Is not it that such sensitive personal letters should be shared directly with father? This is called eRelationship, where we communicate using technology. We spend hours in internet, gadgets but we lack time to spend some quality time with our family, parents and kids.

This was the base of my idea to use technology to increase human touch. Its called “Talk-O-Meter”.

The main objective of talk-o-meter is to measure the time we spent in talking with others. It will have inbuilt voice recognizer to recognize our voice and it can be trained to recognize other voices too. Its planner, that means it will help User to plan how much we are planning to talk for a specific day e.g.

Mom – 30mins

Dad – 20mins

Daughter – 1hour

Wife – 3hours

FriendA – 10mins


A  talk can be categorized with importance. At the end of the day, we can see our actual data and reports. User can see the reports on weekly basis, monthly basis, etc. Its auto-voice recognizer will record the time spent in talk. For each talk, it can be programmed to recognize a particular voice too.

The advantage of using such tool is that we can measure weekly/monthly/Yearly basis how much time we are talking with our family, friends and it will help us to have more interaction with parents and family which is deeply impacted due to social media. Many times, I have observed, though I am talking but actually my eyes are on whatsapp or facebook. This makes it very difficult to have a cordial discussion and we are hurry to end the talk so that we can spend our time in gadgets.

So the objective of this app is to use technology to increase human interaction and again we will be back to our old society…;););)

If you are interested to know more about Talk-O-Meter then please get in touch me. My email id