JCI Chanakya 2016

I just attended JCI Chanakya Bizz 2016, this is the first time I attended such program to pitch my startup. I have mix of experience from my participation. The whole volunteers of this event are very supportive, especially Mr. Karan. I was bit scared of facing in stage with host of high profile investors. I did not attend to get funding but to get experience. There are couple of feedbacks that I received will be remembered for long and will be my guiding force

  • Focus on one item and pitch for that idea. Dont mix too many ideas
  • This is very early stage to look for funding and its better to “GO-TO-MARKETING” and experience the real world
  • Entrepreneurship is always a path of difficulties and high chance of getting injured but dont lose the track and keep your head up.
  • There is always uncertainty and your passion will make it success

It was really a nice learning and will remember it.

Durga pujo celebration

More than a decade now, since last time I visited my village Bhuban to celebrate Maa Durga pujo. The hustle bustle, guests at home, different varieties of foods, cookies, new dresses etc… with the celebration mood was making it very joyful. I truly like roaming through the villages at night to see different Pujo Mondap and then bullock festival, it was truly mesmerizing. There were no end of celebration, I generally get confused what to watch , in one place there is Jatra Party then at the other place melody and then bullock festival. All these are like dream now. I like to watch melody, with loud speakers and romantic songs, truly amazing. The melody makes it a different environment altogether. Today I visited different Pujo mondaps i.e. Kaggadasapura Bengali Association and Malleshpalya association with family. There was a melody program at SCT college campus where Kaggadasapura Bengali Association’s Pujo Mondap and celebration. That was terrific, there was a song Mairi, truly mesmerizing. I felt like my village sorrounding is back. Crowded , with different stalls and then Maa Durga Mondap and melody were making a joyous mood. As my family were with me so could not stay more time there. I then dropped my family at home and again went back to watch melody. Its like dreams come true. I cannot forget this year’s Durga Pujo celebration. Wish everybody a Happy Dasami.

Experience at Ezmap

So describing my experience at ezMap is not just a feeling but a great opportunity to thank to my mentor and CEO Mr. Ranjan Baisak. Speaking about our CEO, a man having passion and an attitude towards life that we can see in today’s entrepreneur, SHARP & FOCUSED. Not every person have the courage to support and run a start up, to fight for what he has dreamt of in his childhood, to have a company of his own, but Mr. Baisak, struggled and didn’t lose hope to achieve what he ever wanted. He is very Hardworking and a Tech Enthusiast. He loves working on Linux and have a huge range of Apple products . Now a days we find people who listen just to reply, but there are a few people like Mr. Baisak who listen to listen. He carefully listened to every problem we faced rather than jumping to conclusions, which at the end were really helpful to communicate with each other freely. I was more of a friend to him rather than just an intern. Being at ezMap is just not fun, its a place for both fun & learning.

Staying at a Guest Room in Mr. Baisak’s bungalow with my friend also a fellow intern was indeed a great experience. We arrived in Bangalore on 10th September, 2016. The house was very far from the station and it took 500 bucks with a private cab to reach there, but thanks to Mr.Baisak that he took care of all our expenses. Not even in my lifetime I had such casual journey with a cab and paid 500 bucks. God, Bangalore is too expensive, but I love this place and its people. So it was around 09:00pm when we reached at his house and we had a talk earlier over phone that we will be having our dinner in their place. So Mr.Baisak made all the arrangements but he did know little about me that I was a Vegetarian and he ordered a Non-vegetarian biryani for me. When he knew about this he felt bad and I dnt know what he did with that biryani but in no time he managed for some parathas and we had a great dinner thereafter. And after having dinner we went for a sound sleep.
The next day we all sat together to discuss the plan of our months stay and what we have to build. The business idea was very clean & clear. So from the same day we all started with our work without wasting time. The good thing about the team was they always hated wasting time and pull out the best of it. So I worked around till 03:00am – 04:00am in the morning and managed to build the frame work of the app in few days. Building the framework helped both the web developers and the app developers in a way that it was chosen as standard. With a descent simple UI and feature. Still there are certain things to be build and the work is under progress.
Looking at my work and passion towards it, Mr. Baisak gave me the authority to manage people. We have 2 interns who work from their home and they were helping us in our App. So that I have never managed people before, it was a huge opportunity for me and I took it with great confidence and enthusiasm. There were many times we failed to achieve our given targets but we never lost hope and tried our level best to complete it on time.
We needed to get some people on board because it was getting difficult for us to manage such huge application, Mr. Baisak trusted me and told me to talk to few people I know and bring them on board and even fulfilled watever they wanted.

Being at ezMap.in was like a wish come true. I always wished to work over extended displays but being a student I couldn’t afford one. But as soon as this was reported to Mr. Baisak he then and there bought a 24 inches Monitor for me to work upon and I was so overwhelmed. One more instance was that the room didn’t had any proper table to work on and it was very difficult to work without it. So guess what, a brand new table was ordered the next day and within few days we started working on that. So finally our one month stay got over and were to leave. It was a privilege that Mr. Baisak himself came with me to see me off to station and it is a privilege because on the way Mr. Baisak told me that he never goes out so late at night even when he have relatives to arrive but he did it for me. Thank You for your time Sir ;).

We never felt the shortage of anything at EZMAP. A great CEO, a great place, a great working experience, a great stay. Have a wish come here and it will be fulfilled. Same is being done for a huge mass. Collaborative Community Driven is what we have always believed in. Stay tuned for a revolutionary product in the market. Cheers ezMap.