A leader should be a boss or facilitator

Though the objective of a leader to lead a team and co-ordinate for a successful execution but the interaction of a leader with team matters most to achieve any goal. The execution of any task successfully depends upon the effectiveness of a leader.

What are the key qualities of effective leaders? The ultimate measure of leader effectiveness is the performance of the leader’s team or organization, particularly vis-à-vis competitors. Leadership is a resource for the group, and effective leaders enable a group to outperform other groups. While the same personality and ability traits described above help leaders become more effective — they are not just advantageous for emergence — the best leaders also show higher levels of integrity, which enables them to create a fair and just culture in their teams and organizations. In addition, effective leaders are generally more emotionally intelligent, which enables them to stay calm under pressure and have better people skills. Conversely, narcissistic leaders are more prone to behaving in unethical ways, which is likely to harm their teams.

Source : HBR

Leadership style is largely dependent on personality. Ambitious, thick-skinned leaders tend to be more entrepreneurial, so they are focused on growth and innovation. Curious, sociable, and sensitive leaders tend to be more charismatic, though charisma often reflects dark side traits, such as narcissism and psychopathy. Studies also highlight gender differences in leadership styles, with men being more transactional and women more transformational. However, gender roles are best understood as a psychological and normally distributed variable, as people differ in masculinity and femininity regardless of their biological sex.

Leadership evolved over millions of years, enabling us to function as group-living animals. It is therefore unlikely that the core foundations of leadership will change. That said, the specific skills and qualities that enable leaders and their groups to adapt to the world are certainly somewhat context dependent. For example, just as physical strength mattered more, and intellectual ability less, in the past, it is conceivable that human differentiators such as curiosity, empathy, and creativity will become more important in a world of ever-growing technological dependence and ubiquitous artificial intelligence.

In short, the science of leadership is well established. There is no real need to advance it in order to improve real-world practices. We should focus instead on applying what we already know, and ignoring what we think we know that isn’t true.

Reliance JIO : An innovation for consumer

I got my JIO sim card last week and got it activated on 5th September.  I am using the sim card in my One plus two mobile phone and through JioJoin mobile app I can use VoLTE calls. VoLTE stands for Voice Over LTE, it simplest term this technology uses voice as data packets delivered through LTE network. That means your voice is carried in the same way as other streaming services. This approach results in the voice service (control and media planes) being delivered as data flows within the LTE data bearer. This means that there is no dependency on (or ultimately, requirement for) the legacy circuit-switched voice network to be maintained. VoLTE has up to three times more voice and data capacity than 3G UMTS and up to six times more than 2G GSM. Furthermore, it frees up bandwidth because VoLTE’s packets headers are smaller than those of unoptimized VoIP/LTE. In india Reliance Jio is the first service provider that started commercial launch of 100% VoLTE service without 2G/3G based services in India on 5th Sep 2016. Jio has announce that all voice calls over LTE is free and only data consumption chargeable. This does not hold good with other telecom operators, those for years were charging customers for data as well as voice. With Reliance Jio’s entry, these service providers are little bit shaken with tough competition ahead for them to survive. In fact, some of the telcos are already in firefight mode and said “Not bound to give interconnect points to Reliance Jio: Telcos to PMO”. There are lots of call drops from Jio network to other networks and Reliance supremo “Mukesh Ambani to telcos: You cannot break the law beyond few weeks“. There are going to be more firefighting, might be more uglier in coming days. The winner in this battle is definitely the *consumer*.