Recruitment for early stage startups

Its almost couple of months since I had published my last blog. Its not like that I dont want to write but from last couple of months, its quite hectic in all parts of life and then managing resources in my startup is also another big factor. Still struggling to build web team especially AngularJS developers. I have almost scrutinized 30+ profiles or so and could not able to get a single profile that matches our expectations. In that process, our app development is also getting delayed. Is there any solution to this?

Recruitment in startups
Recruitment in startups

I too tried to recruit interns and train them and recruit them.  But could not able to find a resource for the same. Though I finally selected one resource based on information provided in her resume. But when I called her for f2f, then she said “will come after three days” and I am still waiting when that time will come.  The problem with early startups is that other than challenging tech work, there are no incentives in terms of money. First, we are not funded yet and so will not afford a fat pay check. We cannot go to market or any recruitment agencies. Till now I have posted our requirements in, which is a good platform offering free services for recruiting interns. I too contacted local training institutes. It worked very well for me to get android developers. I too connected to different resources through my contacts. Though it works for technologies like android, web developments etc. But for technologies like AI python developer, AngularJS developers, it did not work. Or at least not working till now.

I am sure this is the problem not only I am facing but also most of the early stage startups would be facing too.

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